Hanisch & Sandner GmbH


We design and implement compliance management systems for foreign companies active in China.



While we are familiar with all compliance requirements applicable in China, our focus is on corruption avoidance in sales activities in line with US and EU requirements, in particular if done in cooperation with agents or distributors, a field in which we already have 7 years of experience.



For this, we analyze our client‘s organizational structure, formulate the required work procedures, assign internal responsibilities in line with the individual persons‘ access to original information, and train the client‘s staff as well as its sales partners in the implementation of these compliance systems.



We further undertake due diligence on the prospective sales partners, prepare the documents governing the sales activities, such as distribution and agency agreements, and advice on the handling of particular instances, such as questionable commission payments, schedules for customer travel abroad, the granting of any other advantages or cooperation with public Chinese institutions.




Compliance Management China is a service offered by Hanisch & Sandner GmbH. For information on the services of Hanisch & Sandner in general, please visit our website at www.hanisch-sandner.com


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